About us

We are based out of South Florida and have been collecting vintage for a few years now and finally decided its time to sell our collections, you will see most of the stuff is priced very fairly, here at Diamond In The Rough, we strive to bring the best products for the best prices around. 

Currently only selling Mens Clothing but will occasionally have some female or kids stuff so keep an eye out!

A few Vintage brands will include: Tommy hilfiger, Polo sport, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, Perry Ellis, Marlboro, Reebok, Columbia and so many more from 80s/90s!

We get tons of new merchandise everyday so our website will always have new and updated things! If there is a certain item, size, colorway that you're looking for maybe we can help you find it! Just shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!